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Importance of Tyre Class

Ever wonder what are the grades labelled on your tyre? Is it a crucial fact or myth? Let's find out!

The labels you see on your tyre are from Europe. These EU tyre label provides important safety and environmental information about each tyre. Which helps consumer like you to compare tyres according to your desires.

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Fuel efficiencyLeast ImportantLess ImportantNeturalImportantMost ImportantFuel efficiency
Wet GripLeast ImportantLess ImportantNeturalImportantMost ImportantWet Grip
NoiseLeast ImportantLess ImportantNeturalImportantMost ImportantNoise


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Sin Hong Hwa Pte Ltd is the distributor for Hankook and Apollo Tyres, and MAK rims.

Our company was established in 1977 and have been in the tyres and batteries industry ever since. We sell a comprehensive range of tyres, sport rims and batteries. On top of that, our company also provide 24 hours tyre break down and daily delivery services. Click the image above to find out more on our products. 


For truck services, you may find us at 25 Benoi Place. 

Feel free to contact us at 6558 6160 for any enquiry, we will try our best to reply within 1 - 2 working days. 

To avoid disappointments, kindly make an appointment before visiting our outlets at Toh Guan & Woodlands.

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